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Swimming Pool Construction Stages

The following is the construction procedure that Premier Pools Inc will follow to build high quality standard In-ground concrete shell pool.

  • Requirement analysis of the project with Client.
    This includes analysis of the place where pool is to be constructed, testing of soil & its strength, analysis of the place where pool equipments like pumps, filters, electrical panels etc to be kept, total dimension of the pool, distance between pool & equipments room, availability of water and many other things will be discussed and documented.
  • Design & Drawing of Pool.
    Our Engineer/Architect will do designing of pool as per requirement analysis only after acception from our esteemed client. This design involves detailed plan and drawings including details of levels, datum points, steel plans, concrete plans, hydraulic plans, plumbing plans, electrical plans, and many others required for pool.
  • Marking & Excavation.
  • Internal Plumbing & Steel Fixing.
    This stage involves pre-plumbing that makes provision for pool returns, pool suction, spa lines, blower lines, etc. Then criss-cross steel cage fixing will be done.
  • Concreting & Water proofing.
  • External Plumbing.
    Connecting all lines from pool viz., return lines, suction lines, spa lines, blower lines, heating lines, water feature lines to pumps and filters.
  • Electrical Work.
    Installing pool electrical panel, connecting all equipments, lights and accessories.
  • Tile laying.
    Fixing of tiles using adhesive and grout. Cleaning of pool.
  • Water filling for testing.
  • Coping, landscaping and fencing. (If required)
  • Pool maintenance training.
  • Handover of pool to client.

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