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Swimming Pool Products Repair Service & Maintenance

We know that every pool owner primarily focused to keep the pool running optimally throughout the year. We provide seamless swimming pool operations with a plan that is customized for you. We know that you want your clients to enjoy their free time in pool happily without any hesitation of health hazards and keep coming back again & again. The dynamic nature of pool maintenance requires training, knowledge and sensitivity to changing conditions. With our experience of swimming pool maintenance, we have identified the crucial factors for keeping your pool well monitored and maintained.

We keep your swimming pool and facilities clean and protect pool water from water borne illnesses to keep you & your clients safe and uncompromised. Our turnkey pool maintenance service includes -

  • Cleaning of swimming pool.
  • Water quality maintenance through chemical treatment.
  • Water testing and PH level maintenance.
  • Tiles & deck area cleaning.
  • Pool equipments repair & service.
  • Plumbing problem rectification & repair service.
  • Electrical/lighting problem rectification & repair service.
  • Refurbishment/Renovation/Repair of old existing pools.
  • Tiles removal, replacement with adhesive & grouting.
  • Underwater tiles replacement/Under water epoxy services.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract.
  • Supply of swimming pool equipments & chemicals.
  • Customized maintenance as per client requirement.

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